Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Playing at Crab park while I campaigned

Click title and listen to the podcast.

Al met a sweet female pup at Crab park and they romped for about twenty minutes in love play.

He was his usual aloof self while we campaigned, when by chance we met this playful pup at his first home park here in Vancouver. He still enjoys coming to refresh his markings.

(I'm getting better at editing- but sorry for the extra ahs- it was completely off the cuff-just playing)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Campaign trail karma schedules a meet with Tracey Shane

Had one heck of a good day tripping up Kingsway handing out fliers and campaigning. I stopped around 3:30 at Trout Lake to allow the White Wolf to play, while I sat beside a young lady with a guitar leaning encased against the bench to her left. She liked my hat so I did a little bit of political chatting and handed her some paper. We shared a bit of our lives and then an old buddy came by with his Wolf. We all had a sprinkling of laughter about a variety of subjects.

After his wolf howled at him to get going, my bus driving bicycling friend had to leave. Now the young lady pulled her guitar out of its case and made it sing sweetly. I closed my eyes and listened to an original by Tracy Shane "Angel."

Then she told me a bittersweet story of how her guitar "Selena" came to her, being named after its former deceased owner. We talked of karma, how a wolf had figured into her day early as she did a search, and now here was my White Wolf. Then she did another original song "Trouble." This girl is talented! I truly enjoyed the moment. It was so rich.

The next story that flowed from Tracey was how she got the name for the band The Rekkening. It was a name her ex boyfriend had used against her, and now she's getting her fun out of using it to her advantage. She is a great story teller, born to entertain. It would be fun to catch a show and hear her for yourselves. We sat on my favorite "magic carpet" (park bench) and took rides through each other's lives. This sure dispelled a lot of the gloom I had earlier, and I realized that my karma gods had scheduled this meeting with Tracey's Karma gods and so because we both are creative people who listen to them, we kept the appointments.

She's looking for a drummer, so get on it Ringo! just google "The Rekkening" and get her email address for a try-out, karma-type appointment.


Tracey had sent me this link a long time before today 14th October
I've been busy
It's a Halloween romp her boyfriend is at and here is his band's website:
www. myspace. com/goredzilla

Monday, September 15, 2008

4 month old Jack Russel shot by hunter on Quadra Island

Turns out we have another great white Hunter incident, that makes me want to puke.

This man has shown himself not to be trusted with a gun. How has he escaped detection of our vaunted gun registry system designed to keep Psychopaths from supposedly carrying weapons? This could not have been an accident as a responsible gun owner would always control where his muzzle was pointing and the gun should not have fired near a roadway. This puppy was executed by a mental degenerate who has no sense of right or wrong.

I said it was idiocy back then to expend energy on such a system for the good it would do. The whole thing was a political smoke screen, a government boondoggle to pretend to find a solution. Only idiots believe Psychotics can be ferreted out and controlled by gun laws.

Some one who would do this to a 4 month old puppy should be preemptively removed from society, as all indications are that this person is likely to harm humans in the future, too

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Aloofus is getting crowd habituated now...

Although he shuns contact initiated by those that would only wish to love and reach for him, the White Wolf is doing well.

Yes, those who aren't familiar with a socialized, but originally wild animal, will call him "spooked." In comparison to a domestic dog he is dysfunctional skittish.

In actuality, he's just very careful, not that afraid, but extremely cautious. The first encounters with humans at 20 weeks were not good. He associates people reaching for him with bad news. The fact is, as I stated before, that it was 4 months before he let me touch him first time.

He also tore into my face when I asked for him to handed over to me upon meeting, when he was initially left with us. I knew then that he was going to be a problem. I honestly tried to find a good home for him for about a year after we moved to the city. Finally he began to bond and I got to understand and love him deeply. Now he is my furry soul. If Rolly hadn't been around then, I would never have been able to bridge the gap.

All my dogs have taught me, but this one more about life and relationships and communication than I had learned in all the time before we met. Aloofus is really very sweet inside, but cautious.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Must I and others cater to the unreasonable fears of others?

The situation was one of a person having unreasonable fears of my dog off leash. My dog does not go near people, so I found this person's intrusion into my peaceful world, a law induced and encouraged act of social hatred.

This person harangued me mercilessly. yet I had done nothing to her, except walk by. My dog stays put where I tell him and is not in the least interested in her, nor anyone. If approached, he runs.

Therefore without any intrusion into her space, I demand the right to walk by peacefully. People who have unreasonable hatred or fears of dogs should deal with it.

I have a well grounded, scientifically substantiated fear of the burning of fossil fuels and what that will do to the environment and the chances for the survival of my offspring. I have personally given up my addiction to gasoline four years ago, and wish to breath clean air. Let's cater to that first, please!

Leash laws? Fack off and pick up the crap that comes out of tailpipes, first! Before city/state harassment of my dog can occur over something the has been a normal part of human canine co-existence for at least one half million years without any serious problem, I want something done about the motor vehicle, which is proving to be the end of human existence in 80 years.

I demand something be done about the real threats to me. I'm tired of catering to the lowest bovine denominator by our politicians, so that these lack luster corrupt morons can keep choking the life out of my society with poor legislation spurred on by inciting fools into hatred and then catering to that while their business friend's investments soar keeping pollution intact.

Only recently did Canada spend more than 20 billion dollars to cater to GWB's unreasonable fears of terrorism. These supporters of social fear mongering are christians who don't mind killing a million Iraqis to placate their propaganda induced fears. Nor spending a trillion dollars to create more instability, instead of following what it says in their bible-- turn the other cheek, make peace- war begets only war. What ye soweth, so shall ye reap.

There is never a need to cater to another's unreasonable fears. Let them deal with them, otherwise we have the rule of those who enjoy hating. Eh, Mr. Harper? Politicians who use the lever of fear are not to be trusted.

Harper's campaign office is filled with haters, run by fraudsters like Mr. Emerson.

If my dog and I walk by someone and they make a fuss about being afraid of my dog, even after we are far past them, I see an oppressive idiot trying to assert their illusions into my world. This is not on! when my dog and I have walked by them in peaceful innocence. Not for the votes of the "law" abiding orientals will I cater too this idiocy.

I don't trust people who eat dogs and try to make me and my dog out as a problem because of their social training. Not on. You want the freedom to drive a polluting vehicle in my environment I will have the right to keep my dog in peace!

Monday, September 8, 2008

A political Wolf in Kits, Vancouver

Aloofus was happiest today of all the days on the campaign trail so far. He played with Murto (looks a bit like this one in the photo) an old buddy half his age.

He was free to socialize in several parks. For him that's what it's all about. It was a perfect day weather wise. The sun was out and cumis were forming in the morning over the North Shore Mountains. they dissipated in the afternoon and there was a nice sea breeze keeping things fresh.

Many people were toking up in an open, but not blatant manner. None were a threat to me or anyone! some had beers and were responsible as well.

Peace to all of you and thanks for your support. Sorry the White Wolf is so shy. Nothing personal. Thanks for understanding.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Kitsilano Wolf named Jake

Sorry about not putting up Jake sooner, R, but I couldn't find the download until now, being in some folder I wasn't aware of.

Jake is also terminally beautiful as we can see.

I think we have met before, maybe with someone else and Jake?

He's got the Salmon berry nose color, too! Man is he ever special!